1. Exhibition Invite: Leave No Trace at Tent Gallery, Edinburgh

    02 Apr 2016
    I have the pleasure to be part of the exhibition curated by FOAM collective in Tent Gallery, Edinburgh.  ‘Unforgettable’ At moments of high importance I tend to shoot the most banal things or not to shoot at all. Sometimes the most desired picture just doesn’t appear to be what we

  2. Saint Valais Fashion Video

    31 Mar 2016
    Video produced in cooperation with Saint Valais clothing.

  3. Headshots for Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show 2016

    29 Dec 2015
    Official headshots of models for Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show 2016. 

  4. ECFS Headshots Backstage Video

    25 Nov 2015
    New work coming soon. In the meantime, there is a backstage video by Piipeline from my headshots photoshoot for Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show 2016. 

  5. Documentary: Botanical Gardens Portraits

    31 Oct 2015
    Portraits of five unknown people - an university project shot on Hasselblad and Kodak Portra during October 2015 in Edinburgh Botanical Gardens.

  6. Prague couple photography session

    21 Sep 2015
    It was pleasure to take an early morning walk with this amazing couple from Minnesota and capture their stay in Prague.

  7. Moving to Scotland!

    01 Sep 2015
    I’ll be in Edinburgh, Scotland studying for a degree at Edinburgh College of Art.  New adventures ahead, missing Prague already.

  8. Nike: Run the Bridges, Prague | Event

    30 Aug 2015
    Event photography for Nike - Run The Bridges Event in Prague 

  9. Model Test Shoots

    11 May 2015
    Test Shoots of Zaneta Z. Photography by Anna Cervinkova.

  10. Interior Photography - Café Široko

    22 Apr 2015
    Interiér kavárny Široko, České Budějovice od Pro Am Architects. Anna Červinková is Edinburgh interior photographer.

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