1. Lookbook: Roberta Lee Jewellery

    Date 25 May 2017
    From the shoot of Roberta Lee’s graduate collection at Edinburgh College of Art.

  2. BTS: Botanical Gardens Shoot

    Date 10 May 2017
    A gorgeous sunny day at Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens shooting textile graduate collection by Amelia Wollaston with an amazing creative team! (Worry not, all our foliage is from a florist!)

  3. Behind the Scenes of Graduate Film Shoot

    Date 07 Apr 2017
    Behind the scenes of Entertainment - graduate film by Adam Castle | Edinburgh College of Art

  4. Dr Peter Frankopan Talk in Edinburgh

    Date 19 Mar 2017
    Dr Peter Frankopan talks in Edinburgh about his book The Silk Roads.  Photography for Asia Scotland Institute. 

  5. Nike: Run the Bridges Event

    Date 17 Mar 2017
    Event photography for Nike - Run The Bridges Event in Prague 

  6. Edinburgh Student Arts Festival 2017: Launch Party

    Date 13 Feb 2017
    Launch party of Edinburgh Student Arts Festival 2017 in Studio 24 with performances from LUNIR, Glassmasterer, Planet Caramel and many more. Intro word by festival director Briana Pegado. 

  7. Portrait: Alex Weir

    Date 22 Nov 2016
    Another portrait from series in collaboration with Co& This time of Alex Weir, 4th Year Painting student at Edinburgh College of Art in his studio. To see the whole interview with him go here: Co&Co Student. Interview: 

  8. Glencoe Adventure

    Date 21 Nov 2016
    Finally we’ve managed to get on the road to Glencoe and couldn’t wish for better season! Whole trip was a constant LOTR feeling.  Day 1  We set out from Edinburgh and picked up friends in Glasgow and headed north along with Loch Lomond (which is a place to visit for…

  9. Portrait: Ryan Hamill

    Date 14 Nov 2016
    First of the studio visits in collaboration with CO&CO, 4th Year Illustration student and stand-up comedy artist Ryan Hamill from Edinburgh College of Art. For more about Ryan check out the interview here.

  10. Event Photography: Transition - ECA Glass Department Staff & Alumni Exhibition

    Date 06 Oct 2016
    Photos from the opening of the exhibition at Edinburgh College of Art. An exhibition of work from the staff and alumni of the Glass programme at ECA, alongside a selection of historical artefacts, documents and pieces form the glass archive.

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